About Me

Name: Stephen Edelstein

What I’m doing here: Writing, of course. Working on a career in journalism.

I’m a freelance writer mostly focusing on automotive subjects. I have an MA in History from Clark University and started down this career path there as Editor-in-Chief of the Clark students newspaper, The Scarlet.

Contact me: S.Edelstein.87@gmail.com

Writing Samples:

I currently write daily automotive news as a freelancer for Digital Trends, Green Car ReportsMotor Authority, and Ecomento.

About the blog

Ilium Gazette is first and foremost a personal blog about things that I find interesting, so I apologize if it seems a little random at times. The idea is to be flexible enough to explore whatever is happening in the world at a given moment, regardless of the topic.

That being said, you can expect a few consistent themes, such as opinions on “big” issues in society and politics, stories on technology and its impact on everyday life, and posts on history (places, people, and the way we view it).

A word on the title: Ilium, New York is a fictional industrial city and the setting of many Kurt Vonnegut stories. Vonnegut was one of the titans of modern literature; the Mark Twain of the “American Century.”

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